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Bruised, Black and Divine – A Vision Regarding the Feminine

I have been sitting with this vision from earlier in the week and listening to the image as it came to me.  It was simple and profound.  I do not fully understand it.  I welcome your responses as you listen to its message for you and these Times. 

At first I questioned what I was seeing.  Was this a child’s face made of fuchsia energy ?

Yes, it was a young girl who I realized had a black eye.  She appeared to have been hit in the left eye. Yet as I drew near, I saw the stars in that eye.  She held the Universe in her injured, blackened eye.  It was a portal to the Universe.

My first thought was how many girls through time have been beaten or gotten metaphorical black eyes for consulting the stars or being intuitive?  Then a thought crossed my mind:  In our wounds lie the stars. 

I knew I was also being shown how the Divine Feminine has been bruised, blackened and brutalized by the patriarchy, those in control and those out of control.  Yet this dear symbol of pure spirit, heart and mind holds the stars.  She holds the Universe.

Those of us today, men and women, who carry the Divine Feminine may be bruised and blackened, yet through Her eye, through our wounds we have access to the energetic resources and messages of the stars.

We have access to Divine Love.

We see everything through Divine Love.

-Dawn, The Good News Muse, 18 March 2014


The Heart of the Universe and the Feminine Form

After having been indoors most of the day Sunday, I came outside to sit in the late afternoon sun.  While sitting, I decided to meditate.  As I did, I saw a single closed eye with long lashes.  To me this eye is the feminine eye of the Divine.

The closed eye was followed by two single open eyes.  First was a cat’s eye followed by a fawn’s eye.  Then came pairs of young animal eyes and faces of fox, raccoon, skunk, bunny and others that I knew were woodland animals but could not identify.  Each face came toward me quickly then dissolved only to be followed by another.  What I did know is they were all young and they were made of fuchsia light energy.

Then a large opening appeared before me that contracted and expanded, in and out, in and out.  I tried to match my breath to it and couldn’t.   When these things happen, I try to stay out of my head and just be receptive to the images and energy. Yet this was hard. I wanted to know what I was being shown.

Then I got it.  This was the rhythm of a beating heart.  The rhythmic in and out went on for some time.

Afterwards I noted what I had seen but wondered why was I shown this.  Often times I miss the message in these seeings because I make them too complex.

An hour later, a fawn ran through my back yard, two bunnies raced through my yard and into the woods and I passed a skunk in the middle of the highway having met an early end to life.

Then last night as soon as I lay down when I wasn’t even thinking of the vision, its message suddenly came to me:

I was shown the Heart of the Universe sending love to us through the feminine form of the animals. 

Young animals come here pure. They bring with them pure love from the Heart of the Universe.  They are not greedy. They do not gloat.  Animals fight or kill only when necessary, for food or to protect their young. (And yes, I know there are odd and irregular occasions when an animal will suddenly kill someone. I believe there’s a message in this too as that particular animal is trying to get our attention and send a message).

Oh what we do to the animals.   They’re used in scientific research for everything from cosmetics to cancer.  We use them for entertainment still in zoos and circuses.  We bring them back from the brink of extinction to turn around and hunt them as has happened with bears and now possibly sandhill cranes here in Tennessee.  Many people still wear their skins in winter’s cold while others hunt them in canned hunts, areas where animals are confined and cannot escape.  That is lazy man’s hunting.  Their habitat is destroyed and many lives taken by events such as the fires in the Western U.S.

And yet the animals continue coming to us.  They wholeheartedly agree to engage with us photoas we all share Mother Earth.

It is an honor to share Earth with these beings who embody the profound beauty of Love from the Heart of the Universe.

Will we learn from them and personally embody the Divine Feminine as the animals teach?  This is my challenge, to be, to listen, to embody.

This morning I created this altar honoring animals around the world.  This particular candle is from Nashville’s “Angel Radiance and was poured with the specific intention of sanctuary for the animals.

I welcome your thoughts and invite you to join me.

Blessed be.

*** I personally am adamantly opposed to hunting the sandhill cranes in Southeast TN. The proposed hunting area is on all sides of the Hiwassee refuge which is a REFUGE for the cranes.  To hunt them means the refuge is really a trap.

Submit your input on the Sandhill Crane issue by email to, place in the subject line “Sandhill Crane”.  The comment period is open till August 10, 2013.  If someone you know does not have internet access, they can still submit their input by sending a letter to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, Att: Waterfowl Regulations, P.O. Box 40747, Nashville, TN, 37204.

-Dawn, The Good News Muse, 3 July 2013


The Sunflower Grid – A Vision of the Masculine and Feminine Joining

Near the Full Flower Moon in May as I awakened my field of vision was white with black lines darting about reminiscent of the beginning and ending of old 16 mm home movies.  The lines came together to form a slowly rotating sunflower. The face of the sunflower rotated on the stem at an angle in a way a drawing cannot convey.

The continually rotating face of the sunflower meant no side was left  in the dark, no part of the circle failed to be exposed to the light. I thought of the ramifications of this in relation to the shadow, personally and collectively.

The center of the sunflower held a grid.  Five nights prior I saw a  grid of light in the stars.  It’s coppery-orange colors covered my visual field. I knew I was seeing into the center of a daisy.

photoThe sunflower though reminded me of a prototype, a word I never use.  It was a drawing of a model whereas the daisy revealed the energetics of stars energy engaging with us.

I thought of grids on which patterns are laid, old school graph paper used in architectural design and the energy grid running the world.  The words “In the beginning” came to mind followed by “In this New Beginning.”

I took Nature Speaks” by Ted Andrews off the shelf and read the face of the sunflower turns throughout the day so that it always faces the sun.  This was the rotation I had seen of which I did not previously know.  I read further. Sunflowers carry the masculine forces of the universe yet black of which the lines were made is related to the feminine’s creative and intuitive energies, mystery to me.  White reflects Truth and messages from the spirit world.

For me, this felt true. I was shown a Truth from Spirit. The feminine is informing the masculine which in turn takes action.  The two are joining in creating a new grid for this time in a way that hasn’t happened prior. On this grid we can place patterns we desire, patterns informed by Light.

With all the debate and arguing about energy resources, with our taking from and taxing Mother Earth more than ever, this new grid to which we have access is about a universal energy grid that lobbyists can’t control nor can politicians and political wannabes debate.

This vision held a very personal message for me. This particular morning thanks to early birds singing outside and Jerry’s gentle snoring inside, I got up to see sunrise something I had not done in a month at least. I bowed to the East knowing the sun was behind my neighbor’s house and the leafed out trees. Then I lay down on the futon and watched white cloud puffs turn pink.  Then the sunflower vision came with a message personally for me, a message of keeping my face turned toward the sun so I can see into my own personal shadows

-Dawn, The Good News Muse at Imagine the Shift  2 July 2013








The World Already Weaved

“Sound goes out opening  a portal to a world awaiting us, a world already weaved.”

In rereading my journals from 2012, I found the following seen and unshared from a year ago.   The July pages that followed suggested why I didn’t share what I saw.  I wrote of being weary and worn as a month without rain stirred quiet concern and the externals of summer (ie. cleaning and refilling bird feeders, tending seeds in various stages of growth, stalking plants and keeping crabgrass out of the garden) took precedence over the internal.  With my energy going outward, I did not have energy left for the inward nor was I disciplined.

Fortunately this year I am at least in this moment more conscious of honoring the internal and the balancing of my energy.   A year later I am also aware I don’t have to know what visions fully mean when they come to me.  All I need do is listen, record and share.

June 29, 2012

Yesterday the eye returned to me.  In the eye was a planet on fire.  At first I thought I was seeing Venus, yet as I record this I sense I was seeing the Sun in the eye of the feminine aspect of the Divine.

Then as I fell asleep last night I was entering the stars.

Notations from 6/29/12

Notations from 6/29/12

This morning as I lay in bed I was fed white light through my third eye.  I do not recall ever being given white light in this way.

As I lay there I saw symbols in the center of a spinning mandala that I sensed was Native American.  As the mandala turned, the symbols changed. The only one I fully recognized was the letter h. The mandala then became a spinning portal. The portal then became a spider web with a single unmoving spider in the middle.

All of this was in white light on black.

A year later I read of what I was shown and this comes to me:

The Sun is in the eye of the Feminine Divine presently gifting those of us in the Northern hemisphere with its energy.  I also though think of the Son, Jesus, who to me was held in this eye as he made his earthly journey and descent into the underworld.  Being held in divine compassion, He emanated Love.

I am periodically transported into the Universe of stars where I’m shown things related to the unfolding of these times.

This night instead I fell asleep and awoke the next morning being fed Love’s Light through my third eye, the seat of intuition which I am here to trust and follow yet have neglected for significant periods in my adult life.

Love’s Light revealed the energy of  creation especially in h the letter to me representing breath.

Sound travels on breath.

The sound of creation goes out opening portals to other worlds, worlds within the heart of humankind and unseen worlds outside us.

Grandmother Spider the weaver of words and worlds has already woven the web of the new world of Love.   Many of us are here to consciously breathe and speak this new world into visibility.  For me this is best done by sitting each day in focused meditation and prayer.  The structure of the h also reminds me of a chair and how I feel best when I take the time to sit in this way.

The more I do this the greater my awareness that we too are held in the eye of the Feminine Divine and given white light’s energy in order to create from black’s Mystery.

I send this message out knowing it will be found by those who need it and I welcome your thoughts.

This is a link to a story “Wanted: Willing Weavers“I found on my Imagine the Shift website.  Written 7 days before the above seeings, it’s from two other visions in Spring 2012 and Fall 2011.  I also found 6 days prior to the above, notes from a morning when I awakened to a spider web suspended from a single thread running from my ceiling fan to a dvd on my coffee table.  The dvd was about the universe and it was at the bottom of the web  not the top. Significant.  A spider sat in the middle.  I actually missed the intricacies of the spider’s web until I took a photo. The light revealed the web just as our light reveals the web already woven for us!!! !

And this link “Can I Like Nature Let Go and Shift”will take you to a piece written as I listened to the summer drought of 2012.

-Sincerely, Dawn, The Good News Muse  2 July 2013


Into the Canyon Love Came

Four years ago today I was in Havasu Canyon home of the Havasupai. The experience that follows is always more with me especially at this time. 

In 2009 my friend Karen Johnson and I backpacked into Havasu Canyon.  This area was unfamiliar to me yet many of the Havasupai still live in this remote western end of the Grand Canyon home of Havasu Falls’ blue-green waters. Traditionally considered the Guardians of the Grand Canyon, the tribe in 1919 was restricted to the area into which we hiked when the national park was designated.

When the anniversary of our trip rolls around each year, I’m especially mindful of a particular vision I was shown while at the Falls one day.Image

Each afternoon we’d make our way through the campground to the cool blue water, the gathering place of many campers in the mid-day heat. To the Havasupai these waters were healing and sacred.  Knowing this created tension for me as hikers often climbed the rocks and jumped turning these sacred grounds into a water park.

One afternoon while lying on my towel immersed in the sounds of the Falls and the people around me, I had a vision.  At first I was saw a five-pointed star. Then from the star’s center, a ramp came down as if someone walked from the star.  Then the star’s edges took a cloud-like shape and the star became a heart.  Slowly the heart separated into pieces then vanished.

I turned this over and over in my mind so as to not forget the symbols amidst the surrounding noise and distractions. I intuitively sensed I had been shown Sirius but I wasn’t sure and didn’t know why.

As I noted the vision, I was joined by a dog. I called to his owners as they played cards on their nearby blanket and asked his name.

“Moses,” they shared.

As soon as I heard “Moses” I knew I had seen Sirius for all I knew about Sirius is it’s called “The Dog Star.”  This four-legged, friendly confirmation affirmed my hunch.

I have kept this vision close since then and have wondered why, why, why it appeared to me.  Now I’m given a glimpse as I realize:

Into the canyon, Love came.

From the void where all appeared dark, Love came from the stars 

and Love on Earth was born. 

Love, Love came from the Stars to dwell in our bodies, minds, spirits and hearts.

Imagine the Shift of Earth’s people remembering we are each Love and we come from the Stars.

-Dawn! The Good News Muse 30 June 2013

Wrapping Ribbons of Love Around Earth

One recent morning as I awoke, I was seeing the stars.  I knew my spirit had been in the Universe overnight as my physical self slept.  I heard, “I have been wrapping ribbons of Love around Earth.”  I invite you to join me.  Set your intention each night and let’s meet in the stars to wrap ribbons of Love through the Universe and around this dear planet of ours.

– Dawn, The Good News Muse 20 February 2013