Downloads from Dawn for 2013 and Beyond

I found myself suddenly sluggish recently.  I could have blamed my tiredness on hormonal shifts, the weather, energetic turbulence on Mother Earth or an unexpected flirtation with a sore throat thing.  Or it could have been the stars at play.

I had forgotten that particular today was a Cross-Quarter day, the mid-way point between Summer Solstice and Fall Equinox.  The monthly Celestial Timings I receive suggested this was a good day to listen and meditate, to be open and receptive to messages from beyond.

I had read this earlier in the week and knew I needed to set aside time to listen yet I forgot.  That morning I fussed with myself and analyzed why I was so tired.

Finally after lunch I pushed myself upstairs to take a shower.  As I did I noticed Mystery and Bogeysattvah curled up in the front windows.  That’s when for the first time in twenty years, I curled up on the living room sofa.  Don’t get me wrong. I’ve lain on this sofa many times but never suddenly like this or at the end of the sofa on which I found myself that day.

As I did the first thing that caught my eye was this tree. I’m quite familiar with this tree.  It is the hackberry on which there is a face on the drive-way side and a screech owl house that is in reality a squirrel abode on the opposite side.

I thought I was familiar with this tree but this unexpected angle revealed its many branched beauty.

Then within seconds of closing my eyes, I saw the smallest monarch butterfly in the stars as energy entered my third eye.  The butterfly was followed by a firefly then more bugs than I could count.  The bugs were followed by flower blossom after flower blossom.
I lay on my sofa and knew why I was so sleepy.  I needed to lie down on this in-between day and be.   Be and listen.
These gifts stopped and I realized this amazing tree out my window had just shown me creatures on the Tree of Life.  These bugs and blossoms in the natural world came to me to be received, named and birthed.
As scientists work in labs creating mechanical bugs and genetically modified flowers and such, it is the responsibility of those of us who are wiling to call in Creation.
Some may call this sacrilegious.  I call it owning my responsibility to Creator and Creation.
It’s nearly impossible to go through one day in these times without hearing references to butterflies and bees diminishing or flowers and vegetables being genetically modified.
The way I figure it, I can live in a place of anger and fear about this or I can use my energy to call in the creations I was shown today.
I want to live awake and aware, calling in creation on this day and every day.
What about you? On what will you place your focus?  Will you call in Creation with me?

-Dawn, the Good News Muse  21 August 2014


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