Downloads from Dawn for 2013 and Beyond

I have been sitting with this vision from earlier in the week and listening to the image as it came to me.  It was simple and profound.  I do not fully understand it.  I welcome your responses as you listen to its message for you and these Times. 

At first I questioned what I was seeing.  Was this a child’s face made of fuchsia energy ?

Yes, it was a young girl who I realized had a black eye.  She appeared to have been hit in the left eye. Yet as I drew near, I saw the stars in that eye.  She held the Universe in her injured, blackened eye.  It was a portal to the Universe.

My first thought was how many girls through time have been beaten or gotten metaphorical black eyes for consulting the stars or being intuitive?  Then a thought crossed my mind:  In our wounds lie the stars. 

I knew I was also being shown how the Divine Feminine has been bruised, blackened and brutalized by the patriarchy, those in control and those out of control.  Yet this dear symbol of pure spirit, heart and mind holds the stars.  She holds the Universe.

Those of us today, men and women, who carry the Divine Feminine may be bruised and blackened, yet through Her eye, through our wounds we have access to the energetic resources and messages of the stars.

We have access to Divine Love.

We see everything through Divine Love.

-Dawn, The Good News Muse, 18 March 2014


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