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A Vision of the Turning Times

What did our forefathers know that we’ve not been told?

(I’ve postponed sharing this information because I feel inadequate to carry a message involving history.  Now I realize all I am to do is tell what I was shown and the hunches that followed.  You discern if any of the images and messages resonate with you.)

The weekend of this fall’s autumn equinox, I awoke seeing the Pleiades, the star cluster I look forward to in winter’s sky. These seven stars shown so clearly I thought I was outside.  I was elated until I realized I was in bed in the middle of the night.

Then I was shown another scene.  Against a gray background, black silhouettes of telescopes revolved around me. I sensed I was seeing an astronomy tower of old.  Then I was shown the Liberty Bell and Ben Franklin came to my mind.

I lay in bed wondering if these things were linked.  I knew nothing about Ben Franklin beyond his experiment with the kite and key.

The day prior I had just confided in a long distance friend that I’ve never been able to comprehend what I read. Because of this I have felt mentally inferior all my life.  Being able to memorize facts for tests, I did well academically but retained little regarding history.  I now know I learn through experience something for which our education system was not set up.

This particular morning, I noted what I was shown along with my first impressions then I went to the internet.  In the seconds it took to type a few words and click search, I realized this information somehow fit together but I had no idea what it meant.

The first site I found regarded the Liberty Bell.  Called the Independence Bell in Ben Franklin’s day, it was rung when he went to England to express the colonists’ grievances to the King.  This was just one of eight times Franklin crossed the Atlantic in his life long before the speed and ease of today’s travels.

I was stunned to learn Ben Franklin only went through 2nd grade yet became a printer, scientist, inventor, statesman, politician, author and the country’s first post master.  He started a fire department, organized the first library and became the Minister to France.  He learned five languages and played three musical instruments.  This man called the First American whose many discoveries are integral to our lives today had an immense curiosity and willingness to ask questions.

I felt a particular affinity for Franklin upon learning he authored “Poor Richard’s Almanac” a precursor to the present “Farmer’s Almanac.” This inexpensive paperback in the last two years has become my gardening Bible with its charts for planting based on planetary and moon influences.

Most intriguing was information regarding Franklin’s belief in other beings in the stars.    His interest in the Native Americans, as well as legends of the Iroquois confederacy resulted in one of his best-selling pamphlets, the Iroquois creation story of  Sky Woman.  This story describes Sky Woman’s coming to Earth and birthing the human race.  Reading this brought tears to my eyes.

I thought of the many Atlantic crossings Ben Franklin made and wondered if his openness to Native American belief was somewhat influenced by his own personal encounters with star beings during those eight long crossings?  Was he imbued with heightened creative energy from the stars?  What messages might he have received influencing his discoveries, attitude and knowledge?

I then read that Franklin developed relationships with the members of the Lunar Society, a small group of men in England who met on the Monday nearest the full moon to discuss new scientific ideas, technology, innovation, metaphysics and philosophy.  These men became the fathers of the Industrial Revolution.

Was it by coincidence, intention or grace that these men met each month on a Monday, the day of the week derived from Moon Day.  They supposedly met near the full moon so it would light their way home.  What inspiration or illumination came from meeting beneath the energy of the moon near its fullest and then walking home by its light?

I found myself wondering what our forefathers knew that we’ve not been told?

Where did the Pleiades fit into what I was shown?

In May 2011, two long distance friends visiting me shared how some Native Americans thought certain souls came to Earth from this star system. This stirred my interest and I began to look for them in winter’s night sky.  My first personal experience with the Pleiades was in January (2012) after my partner and I held a ritual at one of the starting points of the Trail of Tears. As we returned to our car, I happened to look up and saw the Pleiades overhead.  I sensed we were being quietly watched over from these stars above us.

The particular morning of my on-line search I found “in the ancient world, in places of great power and influence, monuments were built aligned with the Pleiades. The Washington Monument is aligned with the Pleiades.”

I found sites suggesting that the whole of Washington D.C. is laid out based on aligning buildings and monuments with certain star systems.  Sites I later came across insisted this held demonic intent.

What I thought more interesting is that in today’s culture, the word star evokes actors, musicians and athletes not heavenly bodies of light.  Those interested in the heavens stars tend to fall into groups: Scientists and investors seeking to exploit bodies in space for minerals necessary for our technological devices, those looking to the star’s for Earth’s salvation, those looking to the heavens for religious salvation and those who are simply curious as to the night sky.  Many I fear live ignorant of the stars as I have until recently.

I concluded my morning’s search, my mind a tangle of information and feeling a mix of pressure around wanting to get whatever the message was ‘just right’ and curious as to these things shown to me.

The next morning I was given more of the story.  I saw what looked like a photo of a doorway, specifically the floor at the threshold. This was followed by a slowly spinning mandala of five-pointed stars outlined in black. One star was in the center and each point was connected to the point of another star.  The turning image looked like something from the Southwestern Hopi.

I watched and knew I was being shown that the turning stars offer a threshold for our entering a new space and time.   

The next morning, I sat on the sofa wrapped in a fog, coffee in hand, watching sunlight climb the trees. The Liberty Bell was on my mind.  Something felt missing regarding this piece of what I had been shown.

Not being one to read the news, I picked up the weekend’s paper to distract myself or so I thought.  As I opened the local section, my breath was taken.  On page two was a small photo of a bell, a replica of the Liberty Bell being rung at a local celebration of Constitution Week.  The week prior had been the 225th anniversary of the adoption of the US Constitution.

Before work, I delved into sites regarding the constitution and became even more mentally laden with information.  Each day that week I read about the Constitution yet nothing I read felt intuitively right in relation to what I had been shown.

Days later as Jerry walked through the room I asked, “Does the Liberty Bell mean anything to you?”

He only responded, “What does a bell do?”

In that moment I knew.  A bell sounds a tone and in a tone I also saw at one. The first thing I had read was of the bell’s being rung when Ben Franklin went to England representing the colonies.  Were the people “at one” then or more so than we seem today?  The bell did crack after all.  Was this symbolic of the challenge even then of being unified while maintaining and honoring individual differences?

I wondered, ‘If a bell makes a tone, can one be constructed to make specific tones?’ (I had totally forgotten of hearing church hand bell groups long ago.)

I searched on-line and learned the Liberty Bell made in London was made to sound E flat.  I wondered if E flat in particular evoked a particular feeling or mood.  I searched E flat and found it is often associated with bold, heroic music.

In one week, I had visions and intuitions regarding the Pleiades and astronomers of old, the Liberty Bell and Ben Franklin, a threshold and the turning stars, Constitution Week and a heroic tone. What did I make of this?

It is heroic the founding fathers convened to discuss, debate and ultimately craft a document that held a vision for America and that families set out for the unknown by crossing the watery threshold of the Atlantic with the starry night sky for navigation.

Those before us won independence from England and became the builders of the outer structures in which our leaders convene. They crafted the political structure under which we’re governed and about which there’s such division today.

It is equally heroic that we as Souls have gathered at this time.  Like those before us, we too stand at a threshold to the unknown with assistance from the stars.  We have the opportunity to build a new structure born in independence yet requiring something possibly more evolved than independence.

These times call for a new heroism founded in the curiosity of Ben Franklin and the willingness to ask questions without knowing the answers. Who among us is willing to be that curious, to suspend what we cling to and the beliefs we adhere to and dig deeper to ask more and better questions?

These times call for a heroism that doesn’t reactively vilify those who look or believe contrary to us.  We may celebrate Constitution Week, yet reacting in fear, judgment and anger suggests our constitution’s weak, our personal inner constitution.  These times call for an inner structure of courage, compassion and awareness.

The tone that sounds today isn’t that of a bell but the greater conversation.  We each have the opportunity to consciously set our individual tone which impacts the greater tone.

The Founding Fathers gained independence and created literal and political structures.  We’ve the opportunity to more fully realize our interdependence and support a new relational structure, one that joins the inner with the outer and realizes our interconnectedness with one another, Nature and all of Earth.

Just as the stars were with our founders, they are with us assisting in the opportunity to use free will in relation to our hearts, minds and voices as we stand at a threshold to a new paradigm.

I can hardly contain myself as I prepare to post this on 12/20/2012 feeling, sensing and believing in my deepest self that this is the time I have awaited for many, many lives.

-Dawn, The Good News Muse 20 December 2012


New Patterns & Presence with the Patriarchy As It Is Laid to Rest

These are three other visions that occurred in the days that followed the one I wrote of in the prior posting: Message from the Universe.  I share this especially in this long awaited Time for which we were born in hopes that you will be feel and find what resonates with you in the days and weeks ahead.


10-26-11 – I lay on my acupuncturist’s table when the second seeing came.  A fuchsia silhouette of an individual stood at what appeared to be an open doorway.  As the angle shifted, I realized the person was standing on the edge of what looked like the Universe yet they were looking out into total black Nothingness.  As they took a step, the foundation on which they stood rotated like the Earth. They were met by another figure identical to them.  Face-to- face the two silhouettes stood. Was I being shown an encounter between two people or an individual symbolic of humankind coming face-to-face with itself

That night as I lay in bed, I found myself in the Universe again.  Usually when these trips occur I float along in awe of all the stars.  This time I immediately realized something was different. The stars were minimal.  In the distance was a man’s face made of lines of light, a man appearing pained and frightened.

As I moved toward the face, I realized this man had the saddest, most terrified expression I had ever seen. (I recall seeing something close to this expression on my father’s face in a dream and again as he sat in bed looking at me as he died of cancer.)  As I moved nearer, I began to gently float into the man’s face. As I did, it slowly fell apart and disintegrated.  I found myself in a Universe absolutely filled with stars.

I knew I had seen the diminishing, pained and frightened patriarchy, the system that for centuries has been in control.  The man represented not just men, but the part of us all that is frightened of losing control, afraid to really sit still, be vulnerable and exposed.  I also knew I had seen the unspoken sadness and terror of the patriarchy that’s filled with grief and regret for what’s been done to Earth and others directly and indirectly in the name of competition, control and conquest.  So many of our systems are broken because the patriarchy is broken and cannot admit vulnerability and shame.

Two days later I found myself in the Universe again.  This time I traveled rapidly unlike anything prior.  I zoomed through space and as I did I saw the faces of many, many animals. Their eyes and faces made of energy often come to me as I float among the stars but never this many or this quickly.  I wondered if I was speeding to the edge of space or returning from the beginning of time. The last face I saw, I recognized.  A fox came and traveled with me.

I went straight to my copy of “Animal Speaks” and read about fox.   Immediately I knew why fox had stayed. Ted Andrews writes that there are 21 different kinds of foxes found throughout the world and that the “Card 21 in the tarot deck is The World, a card reflecting a new world opening up, that the process of creation is beginning. It reflects that the world is growing into new patterns that will be beneficial.” 

This fit perfectly with the first vision days earlier in which I saw the energy of creation being pulsed to us through the stars and the grid laid for the new consciousness of love.  This world of new patterns speaks to a model of relationship based in cooperation, community and compassion for all arriving as the patriarchy is dying.

There is grace and beauty in this time of such brokenness as we hold the fertile soil for new patterns represented by the fox and the American flag of love in my prior vision.

The greatest challenge of this New Time may be forgiving and loving the patriarchy, hearing it through what’s not being said rather than retaliating or withholding presence.  If this system of control and conquering is honored, it will be laid to rest in love and less likely re-emerge on a planetary scale in times to come.

This Shift, this work is not done on our own.  We have such help from the stars, the stars above in the Universe and the stars below in the Earth.   Thank you for being here, for agreeing to show up on Earth for this Time !!! I offer these visions and thoughts in the spirit of Love.   December 19, 2012

-Dawn, The Good News Muse 19 Dec. 2012,

Message from the Universe

(I originally shared this vision at another site after it occurred in late October 2011. It has only been in the past two weeks that I came across a reference to our aligning on Winter Solstice with the black hole that is in the center of the Universe (or as much as we know of the Universe).  The paragraph referenced scientists thinking black holes are inescapable.  I read this and immediately knew the lotus shape I was taken to last year was the black hole with which we are aligning on December 21st and contrary to what scientists think this black hole  is the source of Creation and is pulsing to us the profound energies of creativity and Love.)

One recent night I lay in bed not knowing the time but certain it was night. The black in my field of vision began to move like slowly shifting fog. In the moving darkness, I saw light like the shining of the sun over the horizon in dark space.  Was morning near?

I kept my eye’s closed curious as to what I was seeing though Bogeysattvah, pawing at the nearby lampshade had something else in mind. I opened my eyes to nudge him from the nightstand and saw the faint glow of morning around the curtain’s edge. Maybe I had seen dawn’s arrival in the dark.

I closed my eyes again but this time found myself in the Universe slowly moving among the stars. This happened the first time a few years ago but never had what followed happened prior. Some of the stars began to gently burst. I was in a shower reminiscent of white fireworks gently raining in the Universe. Veils of wispy energy were the only visible remains of those stars.

Slowly the veils came together to form a lotus-like shape with a black center that pulsed energy. I lay in bed realizing this center of seeming nothingness held the energy of everything, the energy of creation sent to us here on Earth, an unseen energy that is the energy behind all energy.

The vision continued as the remaining stars suddenly became a heart on an American flag. In place of the fifty states on the flag was a heart made of stars that glistened like diamonds.

As I became concerned as to how I would remember all of this I saw a grid. In a universe of blackness, dots of light appeared row upon row an equal space apart as if on a grid where patterns might be laid.

My eyes still closed, I lay in bed mentally noting the sequence of the scenes before getting up to feed Bogeysattvah who again pawed at the lampshade conveying his need to be fed.

In these past two weeks other scenes have arrived at night. I’ve pondered what I’m being shown, what I’m being told and how to share these scenes of light at night.  I first thought the story sequence was as I saw it but this didn’t feel  right.  Then last week as I awoke from a nap the scenes in reverse were going through my mind starting with the grid and ending with the light, the light of New Times.

Today on the eve of 11/11/11 as the sun set and the full moon rose suddenly this came.

The grid has been laid for the flag of love to fly as we’ve the opportunity and help from beyond to create the paradigm of Love. The stars give of themselves, find new form and come together to pulse creation’s energy and usher in the light of a new time.

It is morning on Earth and in the Universe. We are witness to and participants in the dawning of a new era.

-Dawn, The Good News Muse, posted initially 10 November 2011 & again 9 December 2012  Imagine the Shift